Tell us about your experience of higher education and of your institution. We want to use your feedback to help your institution to identity areas of good practice and areas that would benefit from improvement to enhance the student experience. This is a national survey designed to help your institution as well as higher education nationally.

You will need your Student ID (student number) in order to participate in the survey.

Your responses are entirely confidential. Technical delivery of the survey and collection of responses are managed entirely by a third party contractor. The technical system is designed to ensure that students' responses cannot be individually identified by institutions or at national level. You will receive an email with a link to the survey questions. (The survey will also be accessible from this website). Your email address will be used ONLY to match your responses to background information such as gender, age, full-time or part-time, broad area of study, etc. or to contact you if you are selected as a prize winner. Responses, linked to this information, will be collated nationally and all information that could be used to identify students will be removed at the first opportunity.

If you are unable to locate your Student ID - please contact i-graduate at